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Hi families!

Hoping everyone is having a great day! We sure are.

We began our day inside today because it’s been really warm outside. The children this morning enjoyed playing with the legos, the farm and reading stories and having free choice to begin their day.

Once all of our toys were packed away, we transitioned to the mat for group time where we sung our favourite songs and read a very special Christmas book. We love joining in and singing along with our educators! After group time we went and washed our hands for morning tea and the yummy food David made. When the children were finished, they moved off to activities, where they enjoyed playing with the farm animal magnets, chalk board drawing, play-dough, puzzles and of course home corner.

It was time for our story book after this, and the children enjoyed listening to some of our favourite stories. We sung some more songs and then it was time for lunch! We washed our hands, sat down patiently and waited for our food so that we could fill our bellies for rest time.

Have a fantastic afternoon!

Lots of love, Miss Leesa, Miss Tatyana and Miss Danna xxx