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Hello families,

This morning we welcomed our friends Orion, Henry, Isabelle, Nayla, Hudson, Everly, Poppy, Alanis, Rumi, Banjo and Luca into the room. Our friends spent the morning in pre-kindy due to the rainy weather. They participated in a range of activities including cutting, gluing, building car and train tracks as well as some colouring in. Once all of our friends had arrived, we headed into our room where we had a dance party. Our friends danced to a variety of songs including gummy bear, the wheels on the bus and party freeze.

Morning tea then arrived, and we sat at the table talking about our families and who we had in our families, including mum, dad, nanna, pop, sisters and brothers. After morning tea, we sat on the mat and talked about our day. Miss Bec made a rule for the children, that we could go outside and only up to the treehouse as it was raining. We all listened so well and bolted up to the treehouse. Here, we had music playing, hand shaking games happening, nursery rhyme singing and some of us even played tag. Today we didn’t have many friends at kindy, so we used this opportunity for more one on one time with educators and the children to form new interests as they played. Before we knew it, lunch had arrived and we all were on our beds resting.

What a beautiful and calm Wednesday we have had!

Love Miss Bec, Miss Aaliyah and Miss Denise x