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Good afternoon friends and families,

Today we welcomed Banjo, Henry, Zahra, Kezia, Poppy, Rania, Alanis, Grace, Luca, Archie and our new friend Goku. The children spent the morning outdoors in the yard where they explored through the mud kitchen, dug holes and transported the sand via trucks. The children enjoyed their soccer lesson today, where they learnt to kick and colour coordinate the different coloured cones. We then headed inside where we sat on the mat for group time, and read “let’s go baby-o” and sang the wheels on the bus and bee bee bumble bee before transitioning to the tables for morning tea.

After morning tea, some of the children completed their sunflower plate, that will eventually be going up on the wall. The children also enjoyed playing in home corner amongst themselves, selling “chicken nuggets and chips” to each other through the shop window. We also got out the texters and pencils for drawing which a lot of the children really really enjoyed. We then got out our new blocks that we got from Miss Emma, and used it as a table activity, building towers and making tracks. We then sat down for a group time where we used finger puppets to help the children learn. We used the “wild animals” to learn about what each animal says and where it lives, and we used the green frogs to sing the different frogs songs. We then headed outdoors for a run around before it was time to come inside for lunch and rest time.

Love Miss Bec and Miss Deb

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