Happy Wednesday families and friends…

Today in the Senior Kindy room the children were excited to gather around the table to make chocolate cupcakes for Millie’s 3rd birthday which was last Friday. The children watched and observed the ingredients being added to the bowl as they called out two eggs, a cup of milk, butter and chocolate cake mix. Millie helped pour the milk with Miss Jordan and then confidently stirred the ingredients together as she proudly announced ‘these cupcakes are for my birthday’. The children then patiently waited their turn for a stir of the mixture as they noticed the butter was creating ‘lumps’. We can’t wait to enjoy the cupcakes for afternoon tea.  ‘Happy Birthday Millie!’

Connor and Millie then made their way to home corner to make pretend cupcakes as they played make believe to add milk, flour, eggs and butter and utilised the electric mixer to make their cake. Connor said to Millie, ‘I had cupcakes for my birthday too’. The role play experinces continued as Myla, Christopher, Ryan and Connor engaged in small group play to take care of the baby dolls. Miss Leesa helped the children place the cloth nappies on their babies and bibs and the  children feed their babies their bottles and gave them cuddles to sleep. Doll house play has been very popular this week as the children have really enjoyed playing in pairs and used their imagination and identified roles to play make believe. Today Millie set up a ‘coffee shop’ with the doll house and Myla joined in to play.

Yarn time today the children gathered in book corner for stories and puppets. Today the children chose ‘One Bear Lost and We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ story books. The children really enjoy story time at kindy and are always excited to be given the opportunity to choose their favourite books. Harper, Bjorn and Latika then chose some of their favourite songs for puppet time including Galomp, Mr Frog, Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Row your Boat. The children were excited to have a turn of the puppets and in particular the frog hand puppets which we discovered can make all sorts of funny faces.

Other play experinces today included matching and sorting the animal magnets on the whiteboard, transport play, animal puzzle play, grocery shop play in home corner and building with the connector blocks.

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Jordan