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Hello Senior Kindy families,

Today we welcomed Lachlan, Hudson, Kezia, Henry, Grace, Finley, Rumi, Goku, Rania, Banjo, Luca, Zahra, Everly, Poppy for today’s lesson. We firstly spent the morning outdoors with our peers participating in a variation of spontaneous choices of play. During our morning session whilst waiting for the arrival of our peers, together our children enjoyed sand-pit play, utilizing the amazing outdoor classroom playground, searching for insects and blowing bubbles.

Just after we completed our morning tea, Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah commenced with our daily group-time, we like to utilize this time to provide group intentional teaching and enhance our children’s social skills. Together we sung a collection of songs and read a story from our student’s liking. Today we read “One bear lost”, this story is based upon the concept of learning our numbers from forwards and backwards. It allows our children to become more familiar with what numbers are.

Just after our group-time was completed, we then transitioned to indoor-outdoor play. The object of this experience is for the educators to divide our children into groups to complete specific activities with our teachers. We had seven of our peers inside completing an art collage with Miss Bec as well as enhancing their cognitive skills forming puzzles. We even had a sensory based station, where our children got messy with shaving cream, rice and dinosaurs. Whilst this experience was being performed, we had 7 of our other students outdoors with Miss Aaliyah further extending their fine motor skills by playing with blue playdough. Our children were extremely interested in this specific experience as it allowed our children to experience a new texture and giving them the chance to pull, rip, squeeze, stick and hold. Overall, we had a very fun-filled Wednesday and we look forward to seeing you next time 🙂

REMINDER: Considering our children are starting to learn and discover the concept of families, we have created and designed a family tree. We ask if you could please take the time to print out a photograph of your child with her/his’s family for Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah to use for our family tree. Thank you.