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Happy Wednesday families and friends…

This morning the children were excited to gather on the mat for Yarn Time as we all joined in for our “Acknowledgment to Country’ and Good Morning songs. The children then listened carefully as we shared one of our new story books entitled ‘Say Please Little Bear’. The story identified the importance of listening to our Mums and Dads and using our manners and sharing with friends. The children then requested our new favourite book ‘The Very Super Bear’ that we shared yesterday.

After morning tea the children settled into play as they were given the opportunity to engage in sensory play with the kinetic sand. The children observed that the sand was very soft on their hands and crumbled between their fingers as they manipulated the colourful sand. The Senior Kindy children also played in pairs and small groups to work on and solve the new ‘castle puzzle’.  The children discovered that the puzzle had more than one layer and that each window of the castle had a character peeking out. Miss Leesa then prepared an art experience for the children including easel sponge painting. The children noticed that they could create spots and stripes with the different shaped sponges.

Other play experiences today included sharing story books on our new cosy mat in book corner, building farms with the lego set, creating more farms with the animal magnets and playing hide and seek in home corner with the pillows.

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa, Miss Tatyana and Miss Jade