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Happy Tuesday

It has been a very busy day in the Senior Kindy room with 10 children!

This morning the children enjoyed a lovely play outside in the sunny weather. The group played a game with the older children called ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ which they absolutely loved. The children screamed and giggled when the chosen “Wolf” said “Dinner time!” chasing them back to the start line. They enjoyed the wonderful feeling of swinging on the swing and exploring the garden. It was so nice to see the children welcoming each other to Kindy!

During activity time our friends had fun pushing the trains and cars around on the big train track that Mr G set up yesterday. The children were role playing families in the home corner, caring for the babies and enjoyed some problem solving activities such as puzzles and construction.

For our group time Miss TJ reminded the children how we can do great whole body listening at group time. The children pointed to our ‘Listening Lucy’ who helped them focus on crossing their legs, hands in lap, eyes on the teacher, mouth closed and ears listening. Senior Kindy are fabulous at whole body listening!! We sang our ‘Hello’ song together and we noticed that the children are beginning to know some of the words and actions. That’s because of all the practice. The group requested the ‘ABC’ song next before Connor asked if we could read ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. To calm down before lunch and rest we had a special treat. We listened and watched the short animation of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. The group loved watching the caterpillar eat through all of the food and smiled and gasped at the story when the caterpillar had turned into a butterfly.

Hope you all have a lovely afternoon

Mr G and Miss TJ