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Good afternoon from Babies 3,

Today Max, Ariana, Finley and Noah had such a fun day exploring together, we were spending quite a bit of time in bathroom learning to wash our hands, from climbing onto the step to turning the tap on, to getting the soap and rubbing it in our hands and even grabbing our own paper towel to dry our hands with.

Ariana especially enjoyed the water and always wanted to do more.

Noah took the drum off the shelf and sat down with it with a big smile as he played for his friends and danced as he did so, soon enough all the children sat down together and played with the drums.

There’s lots of self help skills happening with each child learning how to feed themselves at meal time, they get quite messy and they absolutely love it, really boosts their confidence as they learn how to do things like feeding themsleves, no matter how messy it gets, its all part of learning.

We played in the sandpit this morning exploring how the tractors work and indoors for gross motor skills we were chasing after the play pen balls and also starting to throw and catch them ourselves.

Its been such a great day,

Thank you, Miss Dominique