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Happy Wednesday, Today we welcome Ivy, Harvey, Harry, Kaylee, Ryan and Joey from toddlers one with Miss Leesa and Miss Jesse and Ivy M, Kyro and Hendrix from toddlers two with Miss Shelby.

We started our day off playing in the room while waiting for our toddler friends to arrive and then we adventured outside to have a play in the babies yard, our friends Harry and Harvey did a great job at holding each others hands to go outside. Harvey was excited to go outside, saying ”hands” to Harry.

The children enjoyed play dough again today, they used their creativity and imagination skills to create different things out of the play dough , coloured paddle-pop sticks and rolling pins.

Songs enjoyed today were:

Open shut them

Old McDonald had a farm

ABC- Kaylee asked to sing this song

The children had spontaneous play where they go to choice what activities they wanted to do with many children exploring home-corner and pretending to cook and also looking at books with Miss Thais.

Miss Shelby, Miss Leesa and Miss Jess