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Good afternoon to all our families and friends. Another glorious autumn day, so once again we decided to engage in  more outdoor art and play. Carrying on with our colours theme, the children chose to paint their interpretations of a rainbow, using spray bottles with watercolour paints. Their canvas was large sheets of cardboard that were attached to the fence, and as they all took turns waiting patiently to use the spray bottles, we sang our ‘ Rainbow Song’. Some of us dug holes in the sandpit to how deep we could dig, first using the spades but switching to our hands to dig faster. We didn’t quite make it to the bottom, but we dug pretty deep. Sitting on the swing with Parker, Colton asked Harper to ‘go high, go high to the sky’ as she pushed her friends back and forth. Other activities included, using the diggers in the sandpit to fill the dump trucks and transport the sand to a different location. the seesaw was popular again as the children took turns sharing, so they could all have a turn. Banjo spotted another bird in  the tree above stage and looking up sang out to Miss Lyn to ‘come and look’. Our yarn time stories today were ‘What Colours’ and ‘The Green Sheep’ … We also continue to practise our good hygiene and self help skills, by making sure we wash our hands before and after meals, after activities and also placing our drink bottles back into our basket after we have finished drinking.

Thankyou for a fun filled day toddlers and we will see you all again tomorrow.

Love from Miss Leesa &  Miss Lyn. xxxx