Hey families! Happy Friday!!

We began our day inside until it warmed up a little bit, playing with train tracks, blocks, cars, and home corner. Our friends have really been enjoying cooking for each other in the home corner area, taking plates of food to each other and saying “cake!” or “yummy, for you!”

When the weather warmed up a bit, we went outside for a big play to get all of our wiggles out. The toddler one room have been loving listening to and dancing to music at the moment so we put on some tunes and had a friday dance party!

After our play outside, we transitioned inside to wash our hands for morning tea! Our friends have been loving serving themselves at morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea times, this has been encouraging them to eat much more because they were the ones to pick it and put it on their plate.

Then we moved onto our activities for the day, we talked to the children and asked them what they would like to do today, “painting!” “playdough” and “outside” were some of the responses we got. We decided to set up some tables, one with playdough, hand print painting/anything they liked, and we did indoor outdoor!

We hope you have a great weekend!

Lots of love, Miss Steph and Miss Danna xxx