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I’m happy to report to our beautiful families that funky feet dancing is back!

Today we began our day with a nice play inside in the warmth. It was so nice seeing all of our friends coming in in their pyjamas today for PJ day! Everybody looked so comfy and cosy.

When it became warmer, we went outside for a play. The children loved the bikes, sandpit and climbing frames as usual. We decided to do our group time outside today, so we all sat down with Miss Steph for a story, reading a feelings book to continue our theme for the week, and a few songs such as “the days of the week” and “five little monkeys jumping on the bed”. We then asked the children what they would like to do today, some of our friends said “playdough!”, some said “outside!” and others said “cars”.

We then came inside for our yummy morning tea, our friends have been loving serving themselves at mealtimes and have been showing us how well they can eat it all up too.

After morning tea, we set up some playdough on one table, this week the playdough is pink and purple with fun glitter in! On the mat we had the car mats set up with all of our little toy cars, the children enjoyed using their imaginations and making car noises as they drove through the streets, some friends even used the blocks to create garages for their cars! we have some very clever friends in toddler one. We also took some friends outside and played in the sandpit, singing “happy birthday to you” as we made each other yummy birthday cakes. We also put on some disney tunes to have a little dance party, the toddlers were very excited to hear some frozen songs.

We hope you had a great day and have a great weekend 🙂

Lots of love, Miss Steph, Miss Gabi and Miss Danna xxx