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Happy Friday families and friends.

Today Colton discovered our friend Elfie, who had decided it would be fun to paint with our watercolour paints. Caught red handed with paintbrush in hand and his painting beside him! He was sitting in our paint basket!  What a mischievous little Elf!!

Some of the experiences we have enjoyed today were – dressing up as Elves for Funky Feet Dance with Miss Jen, where we danced to Christmas songs, as well as Cheeky Monkeys. The children also engaged in  sensory play with the Christmas themed playdough, using cookie cutters, paddle pop sticks and rolling pins. They are all really enjoying the sensory activities. Other experiences today included, reading the construction books and building with the large Lego blocks, as well as singing our nursery rhymes and transition songs. Our friends William and Harvey enjoyed a transition play in Senior Kindy this morning. We wish you all a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week. Love from Miss Lyn & Miss Leesa. xx