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Good afternoon families and friends and welcome to Monday in toddler room. This morning while waiting for our friends to arrive, Tobias used a crayon to make patterns on a piece of cardboard, he was intrigued by the pattern being  formed by the corrugations, as he moved the crayon around the cardboard. Harry and Dallas enjoyed each others company as they sat in book area looking through some books. Banjo, Bella, Bjorn, Tobias, Madelyn and Lachlan all engaged in our art activity, collaging our Valentine’s Hearts. Banjo, Bella and Dallas all enjoyed home area, where they negotiated roles as they cared for the babies.  At Yarn time Ryan enjoyed listening to Miss Leesa read ‘There’s a Hippo On Our Roof Eating Cake’ and also ‘Brown Bear Brown Bear’. Other activities we enjoyed were – songs and rhymes on the mat, leggo construction, felt puppets and practicing our transition songs. Our self help focus this week is putting our drink bottles into the trolley to go outside. See you all tomorrow. Love from Miss Lyn, Miss Leesa & Miss Thais. xxx