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Good afternoon Toddler One families and friends. This week  our theme is ” Australian  Animals” and our  Monday has been a day of surprise and adventure, as  upon  going out to the playground this morning we had a little visitor, in the form of a young water dragon. The children were very excited and curious about the little lizard, as they watched him sitting on the verandah. When we transitioned indoors for the morning, and after our acknowledgment to country,  we then talked about the little lizard and where he might live in the playground. To extend on the children’s interest in him,  Miss Lyn printed out a photo that she had taken and asked the children if they would like to paint their own lizard. to which the answer was “Yes”. Sitting at the painting table, some of the children created their own interpretation of a water dragon. Then just as Yoga was finishing Mr Nick came into our room with a surprise. He had brought the little lizard in to show him to us. A few of us stroked the lizard very gently with our finger. After thanking Mr Nick for bringing him in to show us we all went straight to the bathroom and washed our hands very thoroughly.

Other experiences we engaged in today were – role play with Australian animals on the mat with Miss Thais, where the children used the wooden logs and Lego blocks to create little homes for them to live in, extended on with animal footprint stamping in play dough – reading books in book area –  singing our transition songs and some animal songs – Yarn time with Miss Leesa who read the book “Wombat Went A Walking” – Kids Yoga with Miss Hayley and  we also continue our self help skills.

Also outdoors this morning the children showed that they are caring for our outdoor environment by watering all our plants in the garden. We are looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow as we continue out adventure with Australian Animals. Love from Miss Leesa, Miss Lyn & Miss Thais, xxx