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Good afternoon Toddler One families and friends. Today we have had so much fun … while outdoors this morning we engaged in  water play in the mud kitchen, measuring, pouring and scooping the water into containers with our friends. Other outdoor activities included, navigating the obstacle course, riding the bikes, role play with the car, where we were going shopping. Once indoors our activities included – building with the natural wooden logs which was extended on by the children then using the logs as stamps with the playdough.The children love sensory play and ask for playdough on a daily basis. We also created beautiful paintings with the sponge rollers as we experimented mixing colours and chatting about the patterns the children created. Then it was time for our Arakan Martial Arts session with Mr Daniel, which we enjoy so much. We would also like to say Goodbye & Good luck to Evie who is moving to New Zealand to live and say thankyou to Vanessa for bringing ice blocks in for Evie to share with her friends. We will miss you  very much. We look forward to seeing the rest of our toddler friends again tomorrow, for another fun day of learning and play. Love from Miss Leesa, Miss Lyn & Miss Thais, xxx