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Hi families! Happy Wednesday.

Today we began our hump day with a nice play outside with Toddler Two, where we played with bikes, in the water and in the sandpit, creating some beautiful friendships. We saw Mr Nick outside today on the other side of the fence mowing the grass, our friends loved watching him and having a chat through the fence. Harrison said “I have a mower at my house”, Banjo said “I help daddy too” and Harry said “Hi Mr Nick!”

Then we transitioned inside for group time where we read “Old Mcdonald” sung our good morning songs and said our acknowledgment to country and went and got our drink bottles and sat down for morning tea!

After morning tea we moved off onto our activities for the day. Today we had an activity with a farm! we used cocoa for the mud, and our farm animals had so much fun stomping around! After they had played and stomped in the mud, we had a bath area set up for them which the children could help bath the animals and themselves. At another table we had a juicing station set up with oranges, the children learned how to squeeze oranges and got to drink some of their very own freshly squeezed juice. They also loved playing with the train tracks and magnets!

We hope you’ve had a great day today.

Lots of love, Miss Gabi, Miss Danna and Miss Simona xxx