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Hello families and friends and welcome to another fun filled day of discovery and play in the Toddler room. This morning William, Harvey and Ellie enjoyed sensory playdough play as they worked alongside each other to make cakes and sausages and practiced their fine motor skills using the plastic scissors to cut the pink playdough into pieces. Asher, Zander and Kaylee worked collaboratively together to carefully place the home corner  furniture into the doll house as they engaged in role play. Asher, Zander and Ryan then requested train stories for yarn time. Today we shared a story about a runaway train that manages to avoid lots of obstacles as he travels through the country side. To further extend on this interest, Miss Jess and the children worked together to build a complex train track for the electric trains. Harley and his friends were so excited to observe the train passing by as they carefully watched the Thomas train climb the pretend mountains and travel along  the bridges. Miss Jess also utilised the natural wooden building blocks to create bridges for the track. The children were excited to then build  towers with the left over blocks and Miss Leesa added the natural loose parts resources for the children to continue building, designing and creating. Wow… What a wonderfully busy and adventurous day in the Toddler room today….

Love Miss Leesa & Miss Jess