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Hello families and friends 😊

Happy Friday!

We’ve had such a beautiful day with our friends today. We began our day outside in the sun. The children enjoyed racing around on their bikes, making food in the sandpit, throwing balls on the roof and chasing each other through the fort.

Before we knew it, it was time to come inside and start our morning routine. We had group time on the mat where Miss Gabi read a book called ‘rainbow colours.’ The children were great at finding objects around the room that matched the colours in the book. The children then asked to read ‘three little pigs’ again! We then sang ‘bee bee bumblebee’ and washed our hands for morning tea. For morning tea today we had chickpea , sweet potato and tahini muffins, banana, mandarin and strawberry rice cakes.

As soon as the children finished morning tea it was time for funky feet dancing! All of the children participated so well and really enjoyed it! We love seeing the children move their bodies while laughing and smiling with their friends.

Since the weather was so nice this morning, we decided to venture back outside after funky feet. To extend on the children’s interest in self help skills we set up an activity where the children each got a baby doll and an outfit. The children then had to figure out how to dress their baby. The children all responded really well to this activity and all gave it their best try. Some of the children asked for help and others tackled the task all on their own. We were so proud of how clever our toddler two children are!

The children then had free play outside and soon enough it was time to come in for lunch. Today the children had Mexican fajitas. Noah, Mathias, Max and Mia all put their toppings on top of their wraps and rolled them on their own. The children are surprising us every day with how increasingly independent they are becoming.

We’re looking forward to having more fun this afternoon. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you next week! 😊

Love, Miss Gabi, Lauren and Alicia.