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Welcome back from the weekend, hope you have a wonderful weekend

This morning Miss Leesa set up the crawling tunnel outside, Ivy loved crawling through the tunnel until she got to the end which then she crawled on the balancing beam,

After joining the toddler one friends for morning tea Ivy and Lachlan came into the room with Miss Shelby where they were provided with a brushing teeth activity. Lachlan and Ivy both used the tooth brush to paint the teeth on their picture of their. mouth with white paint which we used as toothpaste, while painting Miss Shelby played a brushing tooth song to teach Ivy and Lachlan how we brush our teeth.

Ivy also showed Miss Shelby where her teeth are when Miss Shelby said ” where are your teeth”.

Today the children also had the choice in what activities they wanted to do today, Lachlan showed interest in the wooden body part blocks as he sat down with them and lined the blocks up on the carpet. He also pretended he was cooking in home-corner and sorting the vegetable puzzle. Ivy also played in home-corner and sorted the fruit puzzle.

Miss Shelby