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Hello families and friends!

Today was such a beautiful day that we chose to spend the morning outdoors, so after morning tea and read the Book “Our Wriggly Worm Farm”, we put on our hats and used our self helps skills to reapply sunscreen before venturing into the playground.

Kezia pushed Miss Thais hands and took her to the swing. Dominic spent his morning playing in the sandpit with water. Alexia and Lachlan were engaged during the “Gardening” activity Outdoor. They watering the soil and used the utensils for moving the soil from side to side.

We also had fun dancing with Miss Bea at the stage this morning. We danced “freeze dance” and “Sleeping bunnies”. We singing our songs and nursery rhymes, practicing our transition song to wash our hands and the lunch was waiting for us!

We have had a lovely day, and hope to see you all again tomorrow.

Love Miss Thais