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Happy Monday everyone, we hope you all had a wonderful weekend, today we welcome our friends Lachlan H, Luca, Ivy, Quinn, Alanis, Hendrix and Lachlan B with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais.

Today was dress as an emergency service worker to raise some money to support the people who have suffered in the recent fires. Our friend Lachlan H came to kindy wearing a police outfit to support this special day. Miss Shelby brought a fire service hat which Ivy enjoyed wearing today. Quinn and Alanis also had a turn at wearing the police hat Lachlan brought in.

Today Miss Shelby brought in some toys to extend on the children’s learning of colours from last week, Miss Shelby set up the coloured sorting cups ,coloured shaped sorting blocks with box and a pop up toy with coloured buttons for the children to explore and investigate.

Lachlan B and luca shared the coloured sorting cups using them to stack together, Hendrix and Lachlan H exlpored the coloured shape blocks and box as they placed the different coloured shapes into the correct shaped whole on the lid of the box and Alanis pressed the coloured buttons down on the pop up toy to see the animals pop up and then pressed the lids down to push the animals back down.

Our friends Luca and Alanis showed interest in moving the coloured beads around the abacus wire, they showed confidence in using their problem solving skills to figure out how to move the beads around the wire.


Miss Shelby set up a colour collage art activity using coloured confetti, paddle pop sticks, cut up paper, glitter and feathers. Our friends Ivy , Hendrix, Lachlan H and Alanis choose to do the collage using the glue to paint onto the orange paper and then glue the different coloured materials onto the glue.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais