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Happy Monday Everyone I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, today was just Ivy in the toddler two room with Miss Shelby.

While playing outside Ivy watched Miss Jess blowing the bubbles around  the yard, she joined with some of her friends from toddler one in catching the bubbles with her hands. Ivy also rocked backwards and forwards on the green dinosaur rocker .

For morning tea Ivy ate up all the yogurt, watermelon, strawberries and cake, she showed self-help skills and independence as she used a wipes to clean her face and hands after eating her morning tea.

To extend on Ivy’s interest of catching bubbles this morning Miss Shelby set up some bubble panting for her, she used the end of the bubble blower to dab the red, green, yellow and blue paint onto the paper.

This art activity allowed Ivy to use her fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills to manipulate and hold onto the bubble blower to paint with.

Miss Shelby