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Welcome back from the weekend, hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

While playing outside this morning with Miss Leesa and Miss Jess, Ivy showed interest in playing with the baby dolls.

When Miss Shelby arrived Ivy welcomed her with a big cuddle,she then washed her hands to sit down for morning tea.Ivy enjoyed eating up all the yummy cake, rock melon and watermelon.

To extend on Ivy’s interest of baby dolls Miss Shelby set up a washing and drying experience for her, Ivy had fun playing with the water in the container. She used the face washers to have a go at washing the dolls and Miss Shelby gave her some paper towel which she used to dry the dolls on a towel. Ivy also had fun splashing the water and used the paper towel to wash her face and her legs. Ivy got a little wet so we changed her into some new clothes before lunch.

Ivy also helped make her ”My name is …. sign” helping to sticky the coloured letter foam stickers onto a piece of blue paper. Miss Shelby played Miss Polly had  a dolly, head, shoulders, knees and toes, baa baa, black sheep and row, row, row your boat on the lap top. Ivy responded by dancing on the chair and she also did the actions to row, row, row your boat by pretending to row with her arms.

Miss Shelby