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Miss Shelby would like to Welcome Lachlan and his family to Riversdale Early learning Centre and into the toddler two room, today was his first day and he had a wonderful day getting to know Miss Shelby and his new friend Ivy.

When Lachlan arrived this morning he was welcomed by Miss Leesa, they shared a cuddle when mum left. When Miss Shelby arrived Lachlan and Ivy came into their room for Morning tea.

After morning tea it was activity time where Miss Shelby set up some car painting as Lachlan was enjoyed playing with the cars in Miss Leesa’s room this morning. Lachlan and Ivy were provided with red, blue, green and purple paint to do the car painting. Ivy got involved straight away choosing a car to pick up and put on the paper, she then used the car to move along the paper to create the car painting art work. Lachlan was observing what Ivy was doing then chose a car and started moving the car along the paper, he also looked at the car before putting it on the paper to paint. Ivy then did some finger painting using the rest of the paint, she used one finger at a time to dab the paint on the paper and then eventually got her whole hands into the paint and moved her hands along the paper.

Ivy and Lachlan showed interest in exploring and figuring out the puzzles with Ivy working out how to put the ladybird puzzle back together and Lachlan looking and sorting the different shapes on the clock puzzle.

Miss Shelby