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Today we welcome Ivy, Vaughn, Taran, Latika and Charlotte to our room. Luca also came up for a play as he moves up next week.

As the children arrived in to the toddler one room with Miss Shelby and Miss Leesa, Ivy did colouring-in where she coloured in a love heart Miss Shelby drew for her, Taran made music with the tambourine and Vaughan explored the wooden dolls house. Charlotte, Latika and Miss Thais arrived just as we were getting ready to go into our room for morning tea. Everyone did a get job at showing self-help skills and independence in washing their hands, they also showed sharing as they shared the basin.

After morning tea the children had a play with the wooden eggs and egg cartons Miss Shelby set up on the home-corner table. Taran recognised and named the egg by showing Miss Shelby the egg and saying ”egg”. Vaughan and Ivy walked along the dinosaur foot prints.

We then adventured back outside for some physical play to practice and extend on the children’s physical development skills which develops their gross motor, fine motor ,hand-eye and hand-foot coordination skills. Outside the children practiced balancing and walking along the balancing beam, the wooden bridge and the mental climbing ladder. They also walked along the balancing beam to climb up the top of the fort, Charlotte used her words to ask Miss Shelby for help saying ”Shelby hand please ”.  Luca, Vaughn and Latika went up and down on the seesaw together, the children are learning to keep their hats on their heads while playing outside and today they did a great job.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais