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Happy Thursday Everyone we hope your having a wonderful week.

Today Miss Kerry created some star shapes cake and watermelon for morning tea which the children really enjoyed eating, while eating their Morning Tea Miss Shelby sang and did the actions to twinkle, twinkle little star.

The children have been showing interest in puzzles this week so today we brought out some shape sorting puzzles and fruit sorting puzzles, together at the table Ivy, Evie, Vaughn, Taran and Charlotta explored the different shapes and fruit puzzle pieces. They also used their problem solving skills to figure out how to put the shape and fruit pieces onto the correct wooden stand. Evie showed kindness by sharing the fruit pieces with Charlotte and Taran and Ivy recognsied their individual achievement by showing excitement when they put the puzzle onto the stand correctly.

Charlotte sat down with Miss Thais to look at the twinkle little star book while looking at the book together Miss Thais said to Charlotte can you see the star and Charlotte responded by pointing to the star and saying ”star”.

The children played with some play dough where we enjoyed making different shapes, making twinkle little stars, love hearts, circles and squares using play dough cutters. They also used feathers and rolling pins to play with the play dough.

Miss Thais played a ball a game with Evie, Vaughn and Ivy all having a turn at rolling the ball back to her and Charlotte, Taran, Evie, ivy and Vaughn had a turn at Arakan with Daniel this morning where they listened and followed instructions of what to do.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais