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Happy Thursday to our families, we hope your all having a wonderful week. Today we welcome Vaughn, Luca, Charlotte, Ivy, Evie, Taran and Latika into the toddler two room with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais.

We started our day having a play outside where our friends Luca and Ivy practiced their balancing skills by walking and balancing along the balancing beam and wooden bridge and climbing up to the  playground fort. Evie and Vaughn used their fine motor, gross motor and hand-eye and hand-foot coordination skills to move the wheel- barrows around. Taran was busy cleaning the wooden home-corner sink and cupboard with the cloth showing self- help skills and independence.

Today we continued to focus on animals so for our art activity the children painted some wooden farm animals using different coloured paint and thick paint brushes.

Together as a group the children joined Miss Thais and Miss Gabby on the group time mat for some songs where Miss Thais and Miss Gabby sang some songs in Brazilian and Old McDonald had a farm while using musical instruments.

Miss Shelby, Miss Thais and Miss Gabby