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Our friends from toddler two didn’t arrive until a little later this morning, Miss Shelby brought outside the fishing activity for all our friends to play with, Miss Shelby sat down with Taran and Evie where they both had a turn at using the wooden fishing rod to pick up the magnetic fish and other sea animals. With help from Miss Shelby Taran learnt how to hold onto the fishing rod and pick up the magnets, she was so proud of her achievement once she picked a sea animal she said ” i did it”. Evie picked up the magnet and placed them on the floor before then using the fishing rod to pick them up.



Latika arrived after the children enjoyed having some yummy pumpkin and zucchini slice, mandarin’s. star shaped watermelon and banana. Latika sat down on the mat to do some building with the wooden body part blocks, she also enjoyed knocking the blocks over and said ”yay” once she knocked them over.

Miss Shelby sat down with Evie, Vaughan and Taran for a painting activity where they helped paint a flag with the colours red, yellow and paint to create the Aboriginal Flag to go on our Indigenous art window we have created this week for National Reconciliation week. Evie used the yellow paint, Vaughan used the red and Taran used the black paint to paint the flag.


Miss Shelby painted everyone’s hand with red paint to create the hand-print Indigenous display in the office area. Vaughan and Taran created their Indigenous feather collage and painting today by using craft glue to paint on a piece of black paper, placed white feathers on the glue and then painted the feathers with the Aboriginal colours red, yellow and paint.

For our group time today miss Shelby brought out her special finger puppets to sing 5 little ducks and Old McDonald had a farm.

Miss Shelby