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Today Miss Steph came for a play with Miss Shelby and our toddler two friends and Miss Thais had a play with the babies while Miss Jess was away today. Today we welcome Hendrix, Charlotte, Kyro, Evie, Taran, Lachlan and Latika with Miss Shelby and Miss Steph.

Today was a day filled with songs and stories to focus on and encourage the children to use their language and communication skills.

While waiting for our morning tea Miss Shelby sang and did the actions to open shut them, wind your bobbins up and rollie, pollie, up, up, up, Taran, Charlotte and Hendrix did the actions to open shut them as they copied Miss Shelby with Taran and Charlotte shaking their hands and Hendrix blowing a kiss.

After morning tea the children all joined Miss Shelby in the book area for story time, over the weekend Miss Shelby brought some special books as we are focusing on the children’s language and communication skills. While showing the Nichiren the hello baby mirror book Hendrix smiled at himself , Lachlan pointed to himself in the mirror, Charlotte recognised herself in the mirror as she said ” there Charlotte” Taran gave a big smile while looking at herself and together in the mirror Kyro, Taran and Charlotte looked at themselves and gave a smile and laugh. Miss Shelby also read The wheels on the bus with the book that you press the buttons to hear the sounds. While reading the story Miss Shelby and the children did the actions and sounds to the song. Miss Shelby also sang Hendrix on the bus went – He responded by saying swish, swish , swish and moving his hands side to side, Latika on the bus goes read ,read ,read as she was reading a book, Charlotte on the bus- she made crying sounds like a baby, Taran on the bus goes la, la, la, Evie on the bus goes up and down, Lachlan on the bus goes beep , beep, beep and Kyro on the bus goes shh, shh, shh.

Miss Gabbi joined us for yoga where everyone joined her on the yoga mats where we started off by singing our good morning song to welcome everyone. All the children then stood up to catch the bubbles Miss Gabbi was blowing, Charlotte did a great job at copying the yoga positions, Miss Gabbi brought in some rainbow coloured plates which we used to sing and do the driving actions to wheels on the bus.

We then made different animal noises as Miss Gabbi showed us different animal flash cards, first we slithered like a snake and then made raggh noises like a lion. To relax our bodies the children laid down on the mat listening to some relaxation music and Miss Gabbi tickled them with the magical colourful feather.


Miss Shelby and Miss Steph