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Today we didn’t get to go outside due to the wet weather so as the children arrived they had a play in the toddler one room with Miss Leesa and Miss Jess, when Miss Shelby arrived Kyro and Charlotte came into the room with her until Evie, Latika, Lachlan and Taran arrived.

When Miss Thais arrived we all sat down together for some fruit for our morning tea, the children were given the choice in what fruit they wanted to eat. Miss Shelby also offered some rice crackers which everyone enjoyed eating and wanted more, it was great hearing Lachlan and Charlotte using their words to say ”more” when they wanted more rice crackers.

After morning tea Miss Gabbi arrived for yoga where everyone joined her on the circle yoga mat to start yoga off by singing and dancing to Miss Gabbi singing her Good Morning song, they then caught bubbles that she was blowing around the room and laid down together to get tickled by the coloured tickling feather. All the children love yoga Tuesdays.

This week we have started to focus on Sensory play  so today Miss Thais brought in some cooked spaghetti and added some coloured dye to the spaghetti so the children could explore the texture of the spaghetti. Miss Thais added green, yellow, blue and purple dye to the container and then mixed it through the spaghetti in the container.


Children’s interests today were:

Lachlan playing the drums so Miss Shelby sang with him ”he played my drum”.

Charlotte explored the farmers house, while laying down on the mat she looked through the farmhouse and opened and closed the door.

Latika found the box of moon connectors and used them to connect together as well has shake to hear the sound they make


Miss Shelby and Miss Thais