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What a wonderful day we had here in the Toddler Two room with Miss Shelby

To start off the day the children played outside with Miss Leesa ,Miss Jess and the children from toddler one. Miss Jess set up fun water colour painting experience outside for all the children, Taran, Evie and Kyro enjoyed having a turn at painting with the different types of paint brushes onto the paper that was stuck up on the fence. When Latika arrived she showed interest in drawing with the coloured crayons at the drawing table.

When Miss Shelby arrived we came into to wash our hands for mooring tea, after morning tea Miss Shelby set up a aboriginal painting activity as this week is National reconciliation week where they used the three Aboriginal colours red, yellow and black paint and cotton buds to do dot painting on the boomerang. Taran really enjoyed this art activity as she said to Miss Shelby ”more please” so she did two Aboriginal boomerang paintings, she also watched Latika do her painting and while Latika was painting she said ”dot, dot dot” as this is what miss Shelby was saying while each child was painting to teach them about dot painting.

Miss Gabby came into our room for yoga this morning so Kyro, Evie, Latika and Taran joined her on her yoga mats, first they were introduced to Karma the Koala and Evie and Taran gave her a cuddle, they then said hello to the monkey with Evie , Kyro and Taran getting the monkey put around their neck for a cuddle and kiss. Miss Gabby welcomed the children by singing a Good Morning song and then she sang a song about a puppy while also doing the puppy yoga pose, Evie did a great job at copying with Gabby to do the puppy pose. Miss Gabby also gave them a tickle using her special feather, Kyro, Evie and Taran loved laying down waiting for her to come tickle them and Latika let miss Gabby give her a tickle on her foot.

Everyone got a special stamp for doing such a great job at Yoga, well done Taran, Evie, Kyro and Latika

Kyro and Evie created their My name is…….. for our welcoming window, they helped Miss Shelby stick the letters of their name onto coloured paper.

Children’s interests:

Taran- Fruit puzzle, she recognised and the named the banana, apple and pear

Kyro- sorting and connecting the coloured moon magnetic toys and creating his name is ….. for our welcoming window

Latika- pretending to cook in home-corner

Evie-  creating her name is ….. for our welcoming window


Thank you for a wonderful day

Miss Shelby