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When Miss Shelby and Miss Thais arrived we joined our toddler one friends outside this morning for a play, while outside Lachlan and Taran both showed interest in looking at books. Lachlan sat with Miss Thais while looking at all the different coloured objects in the book, Taran also enjoyed looking at the same book where she pointed to the car and said ” vroom, vroom” and where the green frog was and said ”frog” while making a frog noise.

We then came inside for morning tea where the children were given the choice in what fruit they wanted and if they wanted yogurt, Taran is great at expressing herself showing Miss Thais what fruit she wanted from the plate. Latika loved eating the watermelon, Evie asked for ”na na” and Lachlan ate a whole bowl of yogurt.

Miss Gabby joined us again for yoga this morning where Taran and Evie were excited to see her and joined her straight on the yoga mat for bubbles. Lachlan observed what was happening and joined in with sitting with Miss Shelby. They danced along while Miss Gabby sang the Good Morning Song, Taran sat with Miss Gabby as she sang the Puppy song. Latika, Lachlan, Evie and Taran all were given a stamp- Latika showed Miss Shelby her stamp.

Today the children helped create a Australian flag and Thai flag to go with our where were from wall. We are creating a Thai flag to promote Latika’s culture background as mum was born in Thailand and the Australian flag to promote the Australian Cultural background as Latika’s dad is from Australia.  Also

To create the Australian Flag the children painted a flag with the Australian Flag colours red, blue and white and to create the Thai Flag the children painted the flag with the flag colours red, blue and white.

Miss Shelby extended on Lachlan’s interest of cars yesterday by creating a road out of masking tape, Evie brought over the fire truck to put on the road, Latika played with some farm animals on the road and Lachlan brought over the farm house and sat down with his friends.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thias