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Welcome all to our Tuesday in the Toddlers Two room with Miss Jess♥

What a fun filled day it has been today and a great start to the wonderful week ahead.

This morning started with our friends being in Miss Step’s room, exploring throughout the Toddler One room until Miss Jess arrived. Dominic found using the tongs to pick up the gorilla was a fun and interesting activity for himself. Activities where tongs are involved is a great way to enhance on strengthening their hand muscles, hand and eye coordination and it also helps with their patience and concentration.

Soon after Miss Jess arrived all children headed out into the fresh morning air to enjoy a great big play before morning tea. Dominic and Lachlan went for the BIG swing! Lachlan used his powerful muscles to push the swing backwards and forward as Dominic smiled with glee as he was going in and out of the breeze. Parker zoomed around on the bike around the bike track chasing Miss Jess, Parker was too fast for Miss Jess as he sped circles around her, there were many laughs. Lachlan too enjoyed racing around on the bikes with his friends. Bikes are a great way to increase their coordination and balance.

It was then time to come inside for some delicious morning tea! We washed our hands and headed for the table with our water bottles. All friends enjoyed their yummy morning tea and ate it all! We then helped tidy up before we read a book about SHAPES!! ♦

Miss Jess sat on the carpet with her friends and began to read the book about SHAPES! As Miss Jess was reading she asked our friends “Can you point to where this shape is” or “Can you see this shape?” All children were engaged and enjoyed reading this book. To extend about shapes Miss Jess than did a collage activity where there were love heart shapes, square shapes and circle shapes cut out of different coloured felt ready for the children to glue them on to their paper. As the children were doing this activity Miss Jess was going through the different shapes with them as they chose what ones to put on and asking “Where is the square?” Or “Can you see the love heart” Throughout the day Miss Jess played some fun shape songs and they loved listening to them as well as dancing away to the music (such little groovers♥)

Children than explored throughout their room before it was time to get ready for lunch♥

Parker, Dominic and Lachlan had lots of fun building with the Lego and pushing along the cars on the car mats. Lachlan than discovered the magnetic shapes and said “square” as he held it up. Miss Jess made some goggles out of the magnetic squares and all her friends laughed and then joined in on the fun. Before our friends got ready for lunch we all danced our little hearts out to a song called freeze! The children LOVED dancing away and responded very well.

After lunchtime it was then time for our little ones to rest their bodies and re energize for this afternoons whirl of fun with all their friends and teachers.

This afternoon, our friends were all eager to take off on their afternoon journey of excitement and exploration as they spent the rest of their afternoon playing in the great outdoors with their friends and teachers.

Thank you Toddlers Two for today it has been wonderful.

Have a lovely night.

Miss Jess♥