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What a beautiful warm morning it was this morning so we spent some more time outside playing with our friends from toddler one, when Miss Shelby arrived Charlotte welcomed her by saying hi Shelby and giving her a cuddle. While playing outside Charlotte did some drawing with the coloured crayons and she told Miss Shelby she liked pink.

Charlotte really enjoyed the yogurt for morning tea, Latika arrived not along after and gave Miss Shelby a big cuddle.While having Morning Tea Charlotte said ”baby shark song” so Miss Shelby sang and did the actions to baby shark.

During activity time we promoted Charlotte’s family culture heritage and background by creating a Taiwan flag using the colours red, blue and white. Charlotte helped paint the flag using the paint. Latika did her brushing teeth art activity today where she used the tooth brush and white paint as the tooth paste to paint the teeth on the mouth picture, she enjoyed painting with the two tooth brushes at the same time. Miss Shelby brought some sand from the sandpit inside for some sand play and added some green colouring to the sand as well as some cups, animals, spades and shovels. Charlotte and Latika both played together with the sand box using the shovels to fill up the cups.

Both Latika and Charlotte showed interest in the animal magnets, placing the different animals onto the white board. Charlotte recognised and named the crocodile, hippo, frog and turtle.

Before having lunch Miss Shelby sat down with Charlotte and Latika do sing some songs using her special puppets, they enjoyed having a pat of the crocodile and holding a monkey from the 5 cheeky monkey song and pretending to eat the sausage from the 5 fat sausages in a pan song.


If you could please bring in a family photo to go up on our family wall we would appreciate it.

Miss Shelby