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Happy Wednesday everyone, hope you all having a wonderful week. Today we welcome Luca, Ivy, Hendrix and Charlotte with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais.

Today we continue doing activities for science week, first we did some fun and messy jelly play with Hendrix, Ivy and Charlotte really engaging in this experience.  Charlotte said ”Look at that it’s cold and its gooey” and Hendrix said it’s cold and sticky. The children also enjoyed eating the jelly saying ”it’s yummy”.

This morning the children engaged in sensory Salt play dough play, using the star, heart shapes and rollers to manipulate the dough. They also helped us with the ingredients to create some play dough with Luca helping put the cup of flour into the mixing bowl and Ivy pouring the water into the bowl. Charlotte, Luca, Ivy and Hendrix also had a turn at mixing the ingredients together with a spoon.

After making the salt dough they were given some star and love heart cutters to create the shapes with the dough, Ivy followed and extended on her own interest by rolling the dough to create snakes, Hendrix said ”star” while using the star cutter, Charlotte said” heart” while using the love heart cutter and Luca felt the texture of the dough and explored the cutters by placing them around his wrists.


What a super busy day in the Toddler rooms today!

MIss Shelby and Miss Thais