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Today we welcome our friends Quinn, Luca, Ivy, Charlotte, Alanis, Hendrix and Latika with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais.

Our Friends Ivy, Hendrix and Charlotte are toilet training, they are showing self-help skills and independence as they undress themselves and sit on the toilet all by themselves.

Today we focused on doing small and individual group time readings to focus on the children;s communication skills, this morning Miss Thais sat down to look at colour books-  Touch and feel colours and Sophie’s Peek a boo! colour fun flip flap book. While looking at the books Miss Thais talked about the colours of the animals and objects in the book, the children also got to feel the textures in the book and open the flap to see what was hiding behind.

Today the children did a colour painting experience using pink, purple, yellow and blue paint and pegs with cotton buds to paint with. Ivy, Hendrix, Charlotte, Latika, Luca, Quinn and Alanis all had a turn at painting as they stood at the easel to paint. Latika and Hendrix were observed doing dots on the paper with the different colours and Charlotte said ” I’m doing a rainbow”.

This art activity allowed the children to use their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills to hold onto the peg while using it to paint with the cotton ball at the end and also use their creativity skills to paint with the different colours of paint.

After painting our friends Ivy and Hendrix helped clean the paint off the easel using wipes, this allowed them to demonstrate that they can use their self-help skills and independence as well as being to show concern for others by helping others.

Miss Shelby set up the wooden coloured shaped looking glasses/ blocks, Charlotte, Hendrix ,Ivy and Latika chosoe to explore with the blocks. Together and Miss Shelby talked about what colours they can see with Charlotte saying ”yellow” Hendrix saying ”green” and Ivy saying ”blue”.  Ivy also looked through the glasses as she held the circle ones up over her eyes.

Hendrix followed and extended on his own interest by building with the looking glasses, he said he was making a house. Latika also built with them and when she knocked them down she said ” no”.


Miss Shelby and Miss Thais