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Happy Wednesday Families, I hope your all having a wonderful week.

Today Kyro, Vaughan and Latika spent the morning playing outside with Miss Leesa and the children from Toddlers one until Miss Shelby arrived, when outside Vaughan and Latika were interested in the sand play with Vaughan finding some shells in the sand and Latika moving a car through the sand. Kyro was busy playing in the home- corner area.

Before having morning tea the children joined Miss Shelby in the book area for some stories where we read Sidney the little blue elephant, while reading the story Kyro and Vaughan both pointed to the balloon when Miss Shelby said to them ” can you see the balloon”. We then looked at a animal book where Latika recognsied where the fish was in the book by pointing to the fish.

Today is National Simultaneous story time reading day and the chosen book is Alpacas with Maracas so Miss Shelby orgainsed an activity to create some maracas where the children used red, blue, green and gold glitter glue to decorate maracas picture. They also decorated a Alpaca with cotton wool balls to create the fur of the Alpaca. At 11am all the rooms sat down to ready the story Alpacas with Maracas and the children were each given a shaker to shake along to the story.

Miss Shelby played some dancing music for the children, Kyro had a dance with Miss Shelby while Latika and Vaughan enjoyed bopping up and down to the beat of the music. Miss Shelby also found some sensory first words card and sat down with Vaughan, Kyro and Latika, they all had a turn at looking at and feeling the different textures of the cards and Kyro thought it was funny as he had a laugh when feeling the texture of the the glitter card.

Thank you for a wonderful day

Miss Shelby