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Happy Thursday everyone!

Today we started our day exploring the Room. We played with baby dolls, cars, trucks and magnetic blocks. We had a Group Time inside the Room where we sang our Good morning songs and our friend Lara shared some Christmas cards and chocolate with us. Thank you, Lara we appreciate it!

After morning tea we transitioned outdoor where our friends release some energy running around, riding bikes, climbing, and playing in the sandpit. Miss Bec got the hose to play with some friends who love it! The children love water play! We sat in the verandah with Miss Thais and read some books “Happy Christmas Spot!” and “Kindness”. Before lunch, we sang more songs with Miss Bec and Miss Maddi and our famous song “Bee bee bumble bee” to transitioned inside for our big lunch.

We build burgers today! The children really enjoy lunch today. We also helped them to self-select the salad.

Now we all are resting our bodies for more outdoor play this afternoon!

Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddi