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Welcome to another wet day, so we spent the day inside but that didn’t stop us from having too much fun inside.

During morning tea Charlotte really liked the yogurt, using her words to ask Miss Shelby for more by saying ”more yogurt” and Kyro ate up all the blueberries and sultanas. After morning tea our friend Latika arrived.

Miss Shelby brought some books into share with the children today so we then sat down together to look at the book Sophie’s peek a boo -colour flip flap and feel book, while looking at the book with Miss Shelby Kyro and Charlotte used their sensory skills to feel the different textures on the animals in the book. Kyro helped turn the pages and made a frog noise when he recognised the picture of the green frog and Charlotte did colour recognition as she recognised and named some of the colours in the book- yellow, pink and green.

Miss Shelby created a sensory wall today using gold, pink, light blue, green and silver sparkle felt paper, before putting the paper up on the wall Miss Shelby set the colours on the table for the children to explore and feel the texture. Kyro, Charlotte and Latika used their hands and fingers to fill the texture of the different coloured paper, Charlotte recognsied the pink paper saying ”pink” and Latika recognised the light blue colour by saying ”blue”.

Latika, Kyro and Charlotte shared the musical play along Humpty Dumpty and other songs book Miss Shelby brought into share, they used their hands to press the keys on the piano to make different sounds and to hear the music on the piano.

Today Miss Shelby traced our bodies as we have been focusing on and learning about our bodies- Charlotte and Latika wanted their body traced so they laid down on the paper while Miss Shelby drew around their body. Kyro helped Charlotte and Latika colour in their bodies with coloured crayons.

Miss Shelby