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Today we welcomed Ivy, Charlotte, Kyro and Latika into the toddler two room with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais , today we continued with the children’s interest of dinosaurs so Miss Shelby brought the large dinosaurs outside where Kyro responded by making dinosaur noises saying ”raagh” and Ivy patted the dinosaur.

We then came inside for morning tea where Miss Kerry had created a beautiful fruit platter with grated coconut, Charlotte and Ivy demonstrated healthy eating by eating up all their fruit. Kyro joined us for morning tea after playing little sports soccer and Latika joined during activity time.

Today Miss Shelby set up some clay and dinosaurs for sensory play -Latika, Ivy and Charlotte used the dinosaurs to stomp onto the clay, as the clay was too hard we added some rolling pins to help flatten the clay. Ivy and Charlotte also used their hands to manipulate the texture of the clay to roll into a ball.

The children create some dinosaur footprints to go on our floor by using dinosaurs feet to paint with using brown paint, Miss Thais also brought out the green play dough where the children made foot in prints into the play dough using the dinosaur figures.

Before Lunch Miss Shelby and Miss Thais sat down with Kyro, Latika, Ivy and Charlotte to look at a animal book, we talked about the animals and what noises they make. Latika, Ivy and Charlotte did the actions to pretend they were swimming like a turtle in the water and Kyro said ”raagh” when Miss Thais showed him the picture of a lion.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais