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Good Afternoon families,

Today Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddi greeted our friends in the Yard. Nayla, Alanis, Millie, Abel and Lachlan have been shown interest in baby dolls, so Miss Bec decided to get a container with water for them to wash the baby dolls. The children also show interest in riding bikes and sandpit this morning.

Before we transitioned inside for morning tea we sang our good morning song and “bee bee bumble bee”. The children really enjoy sit down as a group time for singing different songs.

We had our morning tea inside the room and as soon we finished the children self-selected what they want to play with. They are showing interest in books and train set. The children had the choice to chose what they want to play with and also the environment- inside and outside. Miss Maddi, Miss Bec, Onyx, Abel, Millie, Kezia went outside and played with hula hoops, balls and baby dolls while Miss Thais, Nikora, Tua, Lachlan decided to stay inside and do the activity “Scoop and transfer” with rice, this activity helps fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, volume/capacity, patience and concentration skills. Rumi was very engaged in playing with the train set. Later Nikora, Tua and Lachlan decided to go outdoor for a play while Nayla, Alanis and Rania stayed inside for the rice and scoop activity.

We transitioned inside where we sang songs and wash our hands before big lunch which was delicious African fish curry with turmeric rice and salad and the children really enjoyed it.

Love Miss Thais, Miss Maddi and Miss Bec