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Good afternoon friends and families,

Today we welcomed Rumi, Lachlan, Alia, Ivy, Abel, Dominic, Nikora, Kynell, Macsen, Nayla, Millie, Onyx and Parker. We started the day inside the Room exploring the toys. Our favourite toys were lego blocks and home corner area. The trains and cars were very popular too. We sat down for our Group Time where we listened to Miss Maddi read “Follow the tiger” and we sang our Good morning songs and transitioned to the toilet to wash our hands.

So after morning tea, we put on our hats and used our self helps skills to apply sunscreen before venturing into the “big playground” after few days inside the room due to the weather was a good idea to spend some energy running around and exploring the climbing equipment. The children also engaged in dancing with their teachers when Miss Bec got the speaker outside. We also enjoyed the swing where all the children sat down and ask the teachers to push their “high”. We transitioned inside again where we stop in the toilet and get ready for our big lunch.

The children are getting better during our meal time practicing our self-help skills as the children confidently displayed their ability to use their forks and spoons to enjoy their dish for lunch.

Much love, Miss Thais, Bec and Maddi xxx