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Hello families and friends!!!

This week we are celebrating “Book Week”. If you have any book that you would like to share with us, please bring in their bags this week.

Today Luca came dressed in costume as Super Man. Miss Thais played some songs like “If you are happy and know it” for the children to sing and dance along to.

We drew some superheroes with crayons. The children had the opportunity to choose their favorite colors and share the colors with their friends.

Later on in the morning Miss Gabby joined us for yoga. The children practiced stretching and then the children relaxed on the mat for tickles from the feathers.

The children also explored outside. Dominic spent time reading a book in the tent while Luca kept busy with trucks and Kyro was pretending to drive.

WOW… What a super fun day in the Toddler two room today!!!

Miss Thais