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Good afternoon families,

Today we started our raining day exploring the new wooden board inside the Room, where the children were able to use different equipment’s like turn on and off the light, telephone, lockers, and also close and open the door. Was a good challenge! They also loved to share turns while were playing.

When Miss Thais arrived we did a Group Time activity where we sang a Brazilian song holding hands in a circle and at the end of the sound, we sat together on the floor. We then sang more morning songs “Hello how are you” and also read a book called “Alpacas with Maracas”.

We decided to explore the construction today with our Lego pieces building a house together and was also a good opportunity to teach the colours to the children were they were able to identify the colours while we were building together. Miss Maddi and Miss Talia today were preparing our sensory activity called bubble wrap painting by using the colours red and green.

The children could fell various textures, squishy, bubbly and hearing the popping noise, we also sang the song “I had a little turtle”. They also worked their hand and eye coordination and fine motor development skills.

Was such a good day with a lot of learning experiences and fun!

Miss Thais, Maddi and Bec