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Welcome to a Fabulous Friday here in the Toddler Room. We started our morning by singing along to some old Australian songs such as Bob The Kelpie, Waltzing Matilda, Click Go The Shears and Botany Bay. This is introducing the children to songs and nursery rhymes from another era and from Australian history.

We continued on with this Australian theme for the day. Miss Jess set up the tables with some green table cloths to simulate the grass and found some fake grass/leaves to use as well. Then the wooden logs came out and finally, the Australian animals. The children role played using the animals as props and the table as the setting for their adventures. The children moved between this activity and others around the room for most of the morning.

On the mat, Miss Gabi sat with the children and made various creations out of the Lego. The children eagerly built with one another and practised their turn taking skills during the play experience. Towers, farms and vehicles were among some of the creations that the children created.

Soon, Miss Jen arrived for our Friday dance class. The children moved and grooved along with Miss Jen and practiced their gross motor skills. They played some music games and before we knew it, it was time for Miss Jen to say goodbye for another week.

Love Miss Leesa, Miss Jess & Miss Gabi