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Good afternoon families,

Welcome to our Toddlers Room! The children started the morning greeting each other’s in the yard. Miss Gabi put some little animals creatures inside ice cubes and the children were very curious about that.

Then, before we transitioned inside we sang our “Hello how are you”, “O sapo nao lava o pe” – Brazilian song (“The frog does not wash his feet”) and the famous “Bee bee bumble bee”. For the parents who don’t know the song yet that the children have been singing at home it goes like this:

Bee Bee Bumble Beeeeee

Can you sing your name for me?

What’s your name?

My Name is ——

Go and wash our hands!

For group time today Miss Thais read the book “Counting dinosaurs” and we sang our song “5 little monkeys jumping on the bed” and we also played with the felt board and monkeys. Miss Maddi then made us some green Play dough! The children loved to use the shapes and scissors to manipulate the playdough. Miss Jordan and Miss Maddi were engaged during the playdough table while Miss Thais was doing some counting activity with gluing and creating little caterpillars with the children, our friends are really engaging in learning how to count!

The time flew this morning and before we knew it was time for DISCO PARTY!!! Our friends loved getting their groove on and watching the disco light colours on the wall. We then sat down together and read “Follow that tiger”, Miss Thais surprised the children and put tiger sounds on and bought out some toy tigers, the children love pretending that the fluffy tiger was real; it was so cute!

Before it began to rain again we raced outside to let go of some more energy, our friends raced around the bike track and we then sat down again to sing “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Bee Bee” to slowly transition inside for lunch. The children are now resting their bodies having a big sleep!

We will see you tomorrow, much love; Miss Thais, Jordan and Maddi x