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What a wonderful Thursday we had today, today we welcome Evie, Taran, Vaughn, Charlotte, Luca and Hendrix with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais and Kaylee, Harry and Ivy with Miss Leesa and Miss Jess.

While playing inside this morning Kaylee, Ivy, Harry and Hendrix showed interest in the fishing magnet activity. They used the wooden fishing rod to catch the different sea animals, when Kaylee caught a sea animal she said ” look i did it”. Charlotte helped pack away the train track set into the cane basket and Evie enjoyed playing with the kitchen sink.


Before going outside for a play the children lined up at the door with their hat on and held hands with their friend to walk outside.

Outside play included:

walking and balancing on the balancing beam

driving the wooden car


Rocking dinosaur

Building with large lego blocks


Miss Shelby read Hello Baby ! the children recognsied themselves in the mirror and Peek a boo Baby flap book

Miss Jess made some play dough today ,the children gathered around to watch her and then were given some play dough cutters to create different animals.

Miss Shelby, Miss Thais, Miss Leesa and Miss Jess