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Today we welcome our friends Kaylee, Joseph, Harvey, Harry, Ivy, William, Ryan from toddlers one with Miss Leesa and our friends Hendrix, Charlotte, Kyro, Latika and Luca from toddlers two with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais.

Ryan and Charlotte enjoyed looking at a animal book where they both recognsied and named the gorilla- Ryan said Gorilla while pointing to where it was on the page and Charlotte pretended she was a Gorilla.  Miss Thais sat down with Kyro, Hendrix and Luca to read the farm noise book , while reading the book the children made the noises of the animals.

The toddler one children were busy playing outside with Miss Leesa and Miss Jacky, Kyro ,William and Joey were outside playing Little big sports.

Today we had a very special show here at Riversdale Early Learning-  A Paramedic show, together as a group we did a amazing job at holding our teachers hands walking to the other centre where the show was held.

The children were so excited to meet the Paramedic bear named Pablo, during the show the children learnt about how to give CPR- Hendrix did a really good job at coping the hand position for how to give CPR correctly. We talked about what is an emergency and the number to call when it is a emergency calling 000, using hula hoops the bear created the number 000 using three hoops, we also had fun catching three bubbles each to learn that the number is three zeros for 000.

The children were given a pretend mobile phone to practice pressing the number zero three times and the green phone button to call when needing to call the ambulance.Charlotte and Luca pretended they were talking on the phone as they held the phone up to their ear.

Charlotte was excited to see the bear pointing to and saying ”it’s a bear”, Ryan, Latika and Harry waved to Pablo the bear and Kyro was laughing while pointing to the bear.

Harry and Hendrix demonstrated how to lay in the recovery position.

Miss Shelby, Miss Leesa, Miss Thais and Miss Jacky