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Happy Friday everyone!!! Today toddler one and toddlers two joined together with Miss Shelby, Miss Lyn and Miss Cindy with our friends Ivy, Colton, Harvey, Harper, Millicent. Aleksander and William from toddlers and Latika, Dominic, Quinn, Kezia, Alexia and Lachlan from toddlers two.

We started our day playing outside before coming inside for morning tea where everyone enjoyed having fruit, bread and beans. While playing outside the children showed interest in building with the large lego building blocks, climbing on the equipment and filling up the diggers in the sandpit.

It was then time for funky feet dancing with Miss Jen, the children were so excited to see Miss Jen and joined straight in with dancing with her. The children danced with musical shakers, coloured pom poms and moved their bodies along to the different music. Our friends Latika and Dominic were really interested in the baby shark song with them both doing the actions to the song, Alexia had turn dancing with Miss Jen and Miss Shelby.

Today Miss Lyn set up a water painting experience for the children to do, they used cotton bud sticks to paint with and this activity develops their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills. Ivy expressed herself telling Miss Gabby ‘’I’m just watching painting’’.

Dominic, Harvey and William played together nicely with the tunnel ball, showing sharing and turn-taking as they placed the ball down the tunnel and then watched the ball roll down to the bottom.

Miss Shelby, Miss Lyn and Miss Cindy